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Voicing charrictors

2009-02-11 19:03:34 by Terrain886

Im willing to voice charrictors out of boredome if any one needs a voice, im 14 so if you want a sample of my voice just ask.
doing this while i save up ( or aquire ) Flash and teach myself how to animate, send me a messedge if you need some one, thanks.


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2009-02-11 19:05:25

If you're looking to advertise yourself as a voice actor, I would suggest creating a demo and submitting it to the Audio Portal. You can also advertise yourself in the Forums.


2009-02-12 08:11:34

wtf "charrictors" its characters mmmkay


2009-02-13 16:41:52

By the way my spelling is horrible, doesn't matter if i double / triple check it.
Good thing i just got fire fox, :D Thanks spell checker!


2009-02-14 03:25:02

never give up on ur dreams man